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NFPA 850, Fire Protection Systems for Pedestal Steam Turbines

Question asked by iyvf on Jul 12, 2016



We are working on a project where needs a Fire Protection system for the area beneath the Steam Turbine.
The steam turbine is pedestal mounted, 100 fts above the floor, we have the finished floor, a mezzanine with irving grid and the operation floor of the Steam Turbine.

The mezzanine and the operation floor of the turbine, DON´T has provided emergency drainage for spill, so if any spill occurs, oil can be accumulated in the finished floor. The finished floor has a drainage system that send the spilled oil to a drainage containment.

All the installation needs to be accordance with NFPA 850.

What we are proposing is:


NFPA 850, Y, says the area beneaht the turbine requires an automatic sprinkler system and the lube oil pipes too.

So we are going to install an automatic sprinkler system beneath the steam turbine, beneath the mezzanine and in the drainage containment.

The question is, ¿does we are taking the correct considerations?, ¿Does we are understanding correctlly NFPA requirements?


Attached you can find a section view of the Steam Turbine Building and the oil data sheets.


Hope you can help me.



Iliel Valenzuela