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Fire wall opening protecion for conveyor belt

Question asked by mfalcati on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by dschuler

Good morning, I am facing a desing of a food production industry in which cookies are made.

Cookies are conveyed along the site using conveyor belts that run through several fire walls. The building has no sprinklers, but i have already designed the sprinkler protection for the ceiling. The whole building will be covered by roof level sprinklers (at least, some more sprinklers will be protecting area under conveyor belts as well as in rack sprinklers).


There is no way in which to "close" the wall openings using any kind of fire door because the conveyor belts run through them.

FM Global recommend to use water spray system avoid fire spreading to the other side of a fire wall in the case of a conveyor belt running thrugh it; however, I can't find any NFPA code that can help me to desing this kind of protection.

Does anyone encountered this kind of problem? What should i do?

I appreciate your help.