Old Aldi store converted to Salvation Army issues...

Discussion created by esdockus on Jul 15, 2016
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I am a fire inspector in a town of 15,000 in Illinois, recently we had a older Aldi's store vacate and a Salvation Army store took over. During the initial inspections the store was empty but the other day we performed and annual fire inspection. Now the Salvation Army store has utilized large "plastic" bins approx. (20) of these and the sizes are 5' x 2' and are packed with various donations from the drop off in the "warehouse/stockroom" of the store. Now keep in mind the showroom is where the clothes are on racks and setup like a department store, but the "warehouse" area well it was packed 6 foot high with a narrow aisle to walk. The warehouse is packed full of pallets with huge cardboard boxes where clothes are sorted, this is in addition to the plastic bins.


My thinking is that the fire loading is excessive for the current sprinkler configuration, I have called in my report for an engineering review, spoken to the sprinkler fitter who was also horrified about the amount of loading.


Even though this is an existing building, it seems as though it is now being used as storage and the hazard classification has also changed.


Any thoughts or ideas?


Thank you,