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Whether NFPA70(NEC) is the law or not?

Question asked by yamaki on Sep 8, 2016

I have a question whether NFPA70(NEC) is the law or not.

It is not really clear to me the position of the code of NFPA70.

As far as I know the NFPA70 may effective as the law by the federal law which has been decided by OSHA

Code of Federal Regulations -29 CFR PART1910.

It means that it is protection law for the employees.

What about the consumer product? For example, ELECTRIC VEHICLE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT specified in the article 625, if it is the charger station, like a who are involving the technical engineer to install the charger on the public site, it may apply the NFPA70 in case of field labeling and so on.

However ELECTRIC VEHICLE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT which is used by consumer (Which may buy -e-bay Amazon....)

need to comply with NFPA70?


I am not really clear to me for the range of the law covering.