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Pipe coatings for existing sprinkler systems?

Question asked by bbarrett on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2016 by psmith

We have had several requests from customers to have leaking sprinkler systems treated/coated to stop pin hole leaks and prevent future issues. Our local water is extremely soft and corrosive causing excessive pin hole leaks, typically in domestic water systems. There is a local company providing epoxy coating services for existing sprinkler systems and another who intends to use a mineral based wash to produce an internal lining on the sprinkler systems. The epoxy lining company claims "Pipe cleaning and coating process are conducted in accordance with ANSA/AWWA Standard No. C210-97 and *X Companies* technical guidelines" and that they are an "Official member of the NFPA"


Does NFPA have any regulations or guidance regarding this type of practice? Would such a treatment contradict any NFPA standards? At the very least I would assume that all installed sprinkler heads must be replaced following such a treatment..