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NFPA 1221- 8.6.1 through

Question asked by huntske on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by tdibernardo

NFPA 1221- 8.6.1 through now requires a separate dialable number for each phone in a MLTS system.


Will this result in a recurring monthly charge per line?


It also states that each line will be required to have ANI/ALI information for each phone. It is my understanding that the ANI/ALI databanks are routinely sold or leased to MLTS customers resulting in a monthly charge per phone for the address information to be transmitted to the local PSAP, something most people feel should be included due to the monthly charges already paid per month for 911 services.  Is this correct?


Will MLTS systems require a recurring monthly charge for 911 information?


If so, who collects these monthly fees and what are they used for? Thank you.