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Any recommendation about GFCI to select (with NEC requirement)?

Question asked by christian.guillermond on Sep 26, 2016

Dear Sir or Madam

I appeal to your experience on means of protection associated to an industrial product  with drive (Inverters ) installed in USA laboratories (Inlet on the wall). By considering the situation today in our customer laboratories (USA) , all wall socket are equipped with basic GFCI Class A .

This kind of protection is basically unsuitable with Inverters, SMPS…. As defined by UL943C , a class C is required ( the systeme id grounded)

To prevent any trouble, during future installation  in customer lab , we need to give some information about protection to install on the lab electrical installation. ( Use of GFCI type C as Class B is today obsolete...)

Based on your knowledge  experience , could you give me type of protection typically  recommended for such kind of application

Some technical data to help you : (about our system)

-Applied Voltage:  120v/60Hz

-Rated intensity : 20A

-UL certified according IEC61010-1

-Tech embedded : Drive : Inverter with EMI filter

- System grounded


Could you please , make any recommendation about GFCI to select ( with NEC requirement) , and provide me the associated articles of NFPA 70 we have to take care about.

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