Uniterrupted Power System / LSC

Discussion created by andrea on Oct 6, 2016

I recently came across an UPS grandfathered in an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC)  / endoscopy.   A lightning storm in the area somehow tripped or overloaded the UPS.   The normal power was not affected, the UPS shut down however at that point the UPS did not allow the normal power to stay on at the emergency outlets located in the procedure suites.  The rest of the center remain on under normal power but the emergency outlets had no power.  The staff had no idea what had happen and after 30-minutes the building supervisor had to manually "bypass" the UPS.   This is not acceptable to CMS because the LSC system shall be supported "automatically" within 10 seconds by an emergency system such as a generator or in this case a "grandfathered" UPS.   In this instance the staff does not use general anesthesia but there are other ASCs that use general anesthesia and perform more invasive surgical procedure.   The UPS is a double conversion online uninterruptible type and I was told ALL the UPS works in this manner.


Any comments?