ESFR Obstruction rules?

Discussion created by robert.jalmen on Oct 11, 2016
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I have some questions regarding ESFR obstructions rules.


Question no.1

NFPA 13 states that a continuous obstruction 300mm wide or less shall be placed 300mm horizontally from the nearest edge of the object.

  • What is the  minimal or maximal vertical distance from sprinkler deflector to the  object below? I cant find that anywhere in the text.

Question no. 2

  • If a designer will use a riser pipe and an arm over (DN50 or DN65) on ESFR pendent sprinkler (this is mounted on the grid pipe DN80 below). The Question is when will the Riser pipe be an obstruction and when will the below DN 80 grid pipe be an obstruction.

Please also look on the attachment for a better understanding of my questions


Would be Happy for a quick respons on this matter in the forum...