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Fire protection for chemicals storage room

Question asked by joses on Oct 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2016 by abhishek.upadhayay

   A 98 square meters Chemical room in an industrial plant is with 2 hours fire rating walls and ceiling.

Room height is 4.6 meters.

The Chemicals ( Vaeious types) will be stored in 1000 Kg cubes or 200 Kg barrels.

In some of the MSDS water is mentioned as extinguishing methods

In other MSDS water spray is mentioned

Is a spray sprinkler per NFPA 13 can be adequate?

What is the differance when MSDS is indicating water versus water spray.

Is a spray sprinkler with a fusible element is OK for what an MSDS indicates as water spray.

Other MSDS indicates water mist and onother one water spray jet 

As it is in the same room can a regular sprinkler be used

Enclosed are some of the MSDS