Duct smoke detector Testing

Discussion created by dsds on Oct 18, 2016

Good afternoon professionals,

There is a new product built specifically for testing return air dampers and duct smoke detectors just as you would a ceiling smoke detector. This device allows for using manufacturer recommended aerosol to test duct smokes in 20 to 40 seconds with canned aerosol. A 10 to 15 second spray into the ceiling or wall entry port with approved aerosol will travel from the entry port into the "protected area" (the air moving through the duct) and be delivered via an entry port mounted 12 to 18 inches upstream of the sampling tube. There will be no residual smoke to irritate office workers or cause other detectors to alarm. This device can be installed at time of construction or as a retro-fit product. This device saves money by reducing the duct smoke detector annual testing time exponentially. You can perform testing during normal business hours, with signals disabled, without disruption, as opposed to expensive after hours testing This is a true functional test.


 Testing a Duct Smoke Detector     Wall Access Plate with cap on.           

    WALL ENTRY PORT          CEILING ENTRY PORT              DUCT ENTRY NOZZLE                    TESTING


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for information on obtaining this new device.