2nd floor fire station barrack - ADA?

Discussion created by jamie on Oct 31, 2016

I am new to this site, and I imagine this has been asked a million times.  I am an architect starting to look at a project for the 2nd floor of an existing fire station.  They want to add bunk rooms, work out room, kitchen, etc.  There is no elevator currently.


I believe there have been local discussions of 'able bodied' people who will be solely utilizing the space.  It is designed for active fire fighters.  That said, I believe the ADA doesn't care about that, and since it is a public building, it must be fully accessible.  This will certainly blow the budget and keep may keep them from being able to complete the project.


I read about ADAAG vs UFAS [Uniform Accesability Standards]  which may have some leeway as it was originally designed for the military not needing to make as much accessible for similar reasons.


Has anyone heard about this, or am I barking up the wrong tree?  I don't want to draw something to have them get their project but be open to being sued down the road...


I realize this isn't an NFPA question, but I imagine there are a number of fire cheifs out there reading these posts who may have insight or experience in this matter.  It probably happens all the time.