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nfpa 20 diesel fire pump controller remote signals

Question asked by tvijay78 on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by nocivus

Can someone clarify whether NFPA 20 (2010) section "Remote contacts" requires the following as mandatory in the remote panel since this clause requires  "contacts" only but does not mention that the signals need to be sent mandatorily to a remote panel. (ie signal of listed below).

My understanding is that open/close contacts in the controller are required but it is adequate if we send a "common fault" signal to the remote panel from the controller for the below conditions :

1) High engine jacket coolent temperature

2) Low lube oil pressure

3) Failure of engine to start automatically

4) shutdown from overspeed.

The above query is because the cl. (3) mentions common or separate signals for the items covered in and only wherein there is no mention on signals which I have listed above.


Can someone help me out in this?


Note : I have referred NFPA 20 (2010) edition, but there is slight changes in 2016 but still the query holds good.