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Fire Exit Hardware

Question asked by alan.gustin on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by munder02

We have a door set which separates an existing hospital area form a newly constructed surgical wing.  It is a 2-leaf 3-hr. rated label steel door set framed within a 3-hr. rated parting wall. The doors have automatic openers. There are electric mag locks installed in the top of the frame which release when an access-control keypad/proximity reader is activated from the existing hospital side and the doors open automatically. The keypad/proximity reader provides security into the surgical wing. The leaves open opposite of each other (one leaf swings in - the other leaf swings out).  I'm being told by the door installer that electrified fire exit hardware (push-bars with positive-latching rods) must be installed per code. My concern is that on the leaf that opens into the surgical wing, the exit hardware (push-bar) negates the security feature of our access control system.  Even with a 15-second delayed-egress feature programmed, we still end up with a security issue whereby anyone can enter the surgical wing by pushing the fire exit bar and waiting 15 seconds. 


According to the architect, means of egress is not an issue, because two means of egress already exist on either side of this set of doors. The mag locks release upon fire alarm activation and in the case of a power failure and backup genset failure, the mag locks would be de-energized affording free egress in either direction.


My question (finally) is, must we install the fire exit push-bars on these doors?


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