Combustion/Ventilation requirements for standalone diesel pump building

Discussion created by toddweir on Nov 15, 2016

I have run across this issue a couple of times and never gotten a good answer.  Consider a standalone pump building housing a diesel engine driven fire pump and fire rated walls.   The building includes a fan with gravity shutters and motorized dampers for ventilation and combustion air.  The openings are required to be protected with automatic fire dampers.  In the case of a fire the dampers will close, the room is no longer ventilated, the engine does not have a source for combustion air and the temperature will rise more than the allowable 120°F at the engine air intake.  The engine could produce less horsepower than is required to run the pump and could (worst case) shut down completely.  The trade is containment in the pump room or proper pump operation.  The pump feeds a system outside the standalone pump building, pump operation is more essential for a fire originating in the main system but still is required for the sprinklers in the pump room.


Is there any guidance in code to regarding fire dampers for diesel engine pump rooms?