Warehouse Fire Protection

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I currently need to design fire protection system for a warehouse. Following are the details:

1. Max. storage height - 6m

2. Material stored are general goods of non-combustible nature. (Cannot be categorized into Class I-IV, Gorup A plastics)

3. Material stored will be on wooden and plastic pallets

4. Most of the material stored will be in cartons and others in their original pack (bag) from the manufacturer.

5. Max. storage height is 6m.

6. Ceiling Height is 19.74m

7. Rack top most shelf height is 3.3m, back-back racks are positioned with aisle spacing of 2.3m


Please provide references from NFPA. Also mention distinctively the GPM(LPM) required for automatic sprinkler system and for hose reel system - separately.