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Propane Tank Location Above Ground

Question asked by rlw on Nov 16, 2016

Is the following statement correct. I have a 124 gal. tank near a neighbor's property line (on my side two feet.) He says it should be five feet from the line. It was moved away from my house to maintain ten feet from a radon fan. Thanks for your help.


nfpa 58 appendix i


Tanks with a water capacity between 125-500 gal have to be 10' from bld, 10' from neareast buildable property line and 10' from an ignition source. Tanks with a water capacity less than 125 gal. only have to be 5' from a basement window and 10' from a source of combustion. they can go right up along side the house, and there is no property line requirement. The Buildable property line is the catch here, because if there are no buildable lines then technically the tank could go right on the line. I'd check that tanks DOT water capacity again, and make sure it is 300 gal water. I don't set tanks either but I do keep a copy of nfpa 58 because it has a lot of useful info regarding propane. you could go to and order a copy from them. hope this helps, Paul