Fire Department Health & Safety Programs

Discussion created by chris.maclennan on Nov 22, 2016

Hello Everyone,


I am hoping to gain valuable insight from all of you in regards to Fire Department Health and Safety Programs. I know this topic is one that is likely not widely liked or accepted within the Fire Services around the globe, however it is a necessity in order to assist departments keep its members safe.


To give you some background information, I am relatively new to the Fire Services in Canada, I have been a Firefighter for just shy of 3 years now, to which I have learned a lot, and have also taken a fair bit of training including: NFPA 1001 Level 1&2, 1002, 1051.


Our department is small in nature with membership totaling 16 members, we are a Paid on Call department and respond to: Structural Fires, Vehicle Fires, Vehicle Extrication, HAZMAT Operations, and Wild Land Fires, as well as Medical Response.


In my career outside of the Fire Department, I am an Occupational Health and Safety Professional, and have been for over 7 years.


My department is now in a place where we are ready to develop and implement a Health and Safety Program to the NFPA Standard.


My question to all of you is how has this been done in your respective departments, what barrier's did you face and how did you overcome them, and finally what successes have you achieved as a result of the program being implemented?


If you can you provide me with any documentation, details, examples, etc. I would truly appreciate your help.


Thank you in advance, and keep safe out there!