Location of a Smoke Exhaust Fan (NFPA 92, 92A and 92B)

Discussion created by shinesss on Nov 30, 2016
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We are working for a warehouse project and as per the design, the smoke exhaust system is provided for warehouse area, which will be operational in in case of FIRE

The capacity of the fan is around 36,000 L/S. Please advise if there is any restriction for the location of the Fan (Inside the building / out side the building / Floor mounted / Ceiling suspended etc)


Considering the building type / Elevation, we prefer to install the fan inside the building supported from the structure and exhaust through duct work connected to louvers flush to the wall (Facing outside the building)


The type of the Duct used is GI Fire rated duct. Please advise the related section in NFPA




Shine Sasidharan