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Water spray for oil storage tank

Question asked by rai.mahesh on Dec 15, 2016

I'm Mahesh from Thailand.I got a contract to design the fire protection system for the oil refinery and there are a lot of oil storage tank(more than 30) So I started from NFPA 15 Water Spray Fixed Systems For Fire Protection according to chapter 7 Design objectives

"7.4.2* Vessels. Water spray shall be applied to vessel surfaces (includingtop and bottom surfaces of vertical vessels) at a net rate of not lessthan 0.25 gpm/ft2 [10.2 (L/min)/m2] of exposed surface"t


and so I need your help that how I calculate the total water demand? Just calculate the water demand for 1 tank?


Or need to provide the water and pump for adjacent tank.If yes,What is the at least distance between tank the I have to concern 


for example


I hve 6 tank in the same dike. Every tank need the same water demand(15,000 gpm)


Like this.How do I know what is the radius of heat that effected to adjacent tank

and how to prepare the water tank and fire pump size

Ps. Sorry for my english

Thank you sir

Mahesh Rai