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Does quantity play into hazard occupany classification

Question asked by troypilgeram on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by cdafd

Does quantity have anything to do with Hazard Occupancy. 

We are re purposing a building into an off-site materials management facilities.  it will contain our medical supplies for several hospitals (excluding pharmaceuticals) . It does have an approved sprinkler system but the facility only has one entrance.  The architect is claiming it only meets low hazard storage occupancy because the quantity of flammable/combustible materials are minimal.  My thought is that any amount of flammable/combustible material makes it a high hazard. 10 gallons or 100 gallons, it does not matter, if the SDS says its flammable it is.  You still have to have the appropriate exits and means of egress.   Can anyone add to this?