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CLARIFICATION ON Figure 310.60 (DETAIL 8) at article 310

Question asked by baqer.bushafia on Dec 25, 2016

I have two different power cable feeders  feeding two 34.5 kV Transformers ( at primary sides) ;  1st power cable feeder cable is feeding transformer (A), and the 2nd power cable feeder is feeding transformer (B).


Power cable feeder is considered as  3 - 1/C of cable size.


The question is do I need to maintain a space 600 mm between the 1st group of " 3 - 1/C of cable"  that is related to TRF (A) and the 2nd group that is related to TRF (B) although both has have same voltage rating. This is how I interpreted Figure 310.60 (DETAIL 8) at article 310