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Hi All I have produced a windows 10 universal app For the Australian code it includes power supply calculations to recharge the required batteries to 80% within 24 hours. If interested check out the windows store search

batteryc   this will take you right to it have fun regards Greg



Hi I have developed an android app for Techs in the field that calculates the required battery capacity of  Fire panel and EWIS systems, by inputting the Quiescent current and full load current from a meter connected in series with the batteries then recording the Iq current no load, then Ia full alarm load current with the AC supply removed.

The NFPA72 2016 requires a 24hr standby + 5min for a Fire panel or 15 min for an Evac system.

I don't work in America, I'm a Fire tech in Australia working in the industry for the past 30 plus years and our latest code here AS/1851 requires us to perform this calculation for system annual testing.

I am not sure if the app will be suitable for your Techs if not let me know the app is Free with no adds, I believe any tool in my kit to help do my job makes life easy.

App's name (Calculate Battery Size NFPA) hard to find on the play store, search under developers name (Poby1).



I have changed the app so you can use various derating factors as stipulated by Battery manufactures, input is a percentage eg. 20% 25 %  inputted as 20 or 25 any whole number will work you may need to convert the derating amount to a percentage depending on how the manufacturer supplies the data.

The next change is the app now supplies the results in 5 battery Amp Hr sizes.

24hr standby + 2hr full load run time, then 1hrFl, 30MinFl, 15MinFl & 5MinFl.

With the above it also has the results of the required derating factor for each.