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Dear sir,According to NFPA 850-2015 part 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 and 6.2.6 please clarify exactly if it is necessaruy to consider a reserve capcaity for fir water tank inside power plant for 2 hour consumption or not?it means if we want to use a raw/fire water in

Question asked by sadeghi_d on Dec 31, 2016
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6.2 Water Supply.

6.2.1* The water supply for the permanent fire protection installation

should be based on providing a 2-hour supply for all

of the following:

(1) Either of the following, whichever is greater:

(a) The largest fixed fire suppression system demand

(b) Any fixed fire suppression system demands that could

reasonably be expected to operate simultaneously

during a single event [e.g., turbine underfloor protection

in conjunction with other fire protection system(

s) in the turbine area, coal conveyor protection

in conjunction with protection for related coal handling

structures during a conveyor fire, adjacent

transformers not adequately separated according to


(2) The hose stream demand of not less than 500 gpm

(1893 L/min)

(3) Incidental water usage for non–fire protection purposes

6.2.2* At least one reliable water supply should be provided.

The Fire Protection Design Basis Document should identify

the need for multiple supply sources. Factors to consider

should include the following: