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Dear sir,According to NFPA 850-2015 there is serious conflict between client and contractor for part 6.2.1/6.2.2/6.2.6 which shall be clarified that do we need to prepare a reserve storage tank as the same as the main reserve tank for power plant?it means

Question asked by sadeghi_d on Dec 31, 2016

6.2.1* The water supply for the permanent fire protection installation

should be based on providing a 2-hour supply for all

of the following:

(1) Either of the following, whichever is greater:

(a) The largest fixed fire suppression system demand

(b) Any fixed fire suppression system demands that could

reasonably be expected to operate simultaneously

during a single event [e.g., turbine underfloor protection

in conjunction with other fire protection system(

s) in the turbine area, coal conveyor protection

in conjunction with protection for related coal handling

structures during a conveyor fire, adjacent

transformers not adequately separated according to


(2) The hose stream demand of not less than 500 gpm

(1893 L/min)

(3) Incidental water usage for non–fire protection purposes

6.2.2* At least one reliable water supply should be provided.

The Fire Protection Design Basis Document should identify

the need for multiple supply sources. Factors to consider

should include the following:









6.2.6 Water Supply Tanks. If tanks are of dual-purpose use, a standpipe or similar

arrangement should be provided to dedicate the amount determined

by 6.2.1 for fire protection use only. (See NFPA 22.) Where tanks are used, they should be filled from a

source capable of replenishing the 2-hour supply for the fire

protection requirement in an 8-hour period. The 8-hour

(time) requirement for refilling can be permitted to be extended

if the initial supply exceeds the minimum storage requirement

on a volume per time ratio basis. It normally is

preferred for the refilling operation to be accomplished on an

automatic basis.