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NFPA 58 Container Inspection

Question asked by seb.nowak0 on Jan 10, 2017
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Good Morning All,

I would like to kindly ask about the inspection of the underground Container. In my plant there is underground tank, which is by NFPA 58 recognized as Container. We need to inspect it and it raised a question do we have to dig it out for visual inspection? One of engineers suggested that only if one of the test from section is not met then yes. I looked more deeply into that:


Chapter 15, paragraph, point (6) Container

This point refer to which refer to


Paragraph 5.2 is titled Containers.

Paragraph 5.2.2 is titled Cylinders.

In and they everywhere mention cylinder.


Honestly it little confuses me and I have some doubts, because paragraph 5.2.2 is titled Cylinders and I am not sure if can be applied for Containers? When we look on definitions:


If we look on Definitions we have:

3.3.14 Container. Any vessel, including cylinders, tanks, portable tanks, and cargo tanks, used for the transporting or storing of LP-Gases.

3.3.17 Cylinder. A portable container with a marked water capacity of 1000lb (454 kg) or less that is designated to transport LP-Gas.


As we see all Cylinders are Containers, but Containers don’t have to be Cylinders. We have a lot more that 454 kg tank.


If can be applied for all containers in my opinion it should be more clearly mentioned in the standard. That is why I would like to ask about this and if this is applicable for container?


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