Short Term Rentals In Multiple Dwellings

Discussion created by rfdacm02 on Jan 5, 2017
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With the Air BnB, VRBO and similar businesses popping up everywhere I'm wondering how people are classifying these and hoping that NFPA is looking at clarifying some of the definitions to assist.


Here is our current example that has us struggling: We have a three story mixed apartments over mercantile property that wants to rent two units on a short-term basis. The units currently fully meet Chapt. 30/31 but this doesn't address the transient nature of the proposed occupancy and how that effects the life safety issue. We see that to be Rooming and Lodging or a Hotel typically requires addition measures to ensure the safety of occupants. We're trying to classify this building to apply the proper chapter. Here's what we know:

1. Total overnight accommodations in the building will be under 16. 

2. Each unit has a kitchen. 

3. Two or all three of the units may be used for accommodations of less than 30 days.  


Calling it an Apartment Building seems to ignore the hazards of transient accommodations. Calling it Rooming and Lodging seems to miss the point that there are cooking facilities for each units. And of course calling it a Hotel misses because there will be fewer that 16 guests. 


Any thoughts or similar experiences are apperciated.