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Bill Blackwood

Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas

in partnership with the

Texas Fire Marshals’ Association

is pleased to announce the


Part of FEMT-FM Program: Fire Executive Management Training Program for Fire Marshals

This program will:

  • Provide leadership training for fire marshals consistent with the provisions and JPRs of NFPA 1037: Standard on Fire Marshal Professional Qualifications
  • It is an 80 hours program, taught in two, 40-hour Modules
  • The program will also incorporate provisions of NFPA 1730
  • The program will be taught by LEMIT instructors which will include state and national SME’s for fire marshal topics

Dates for the courses are:

Module I    –    May 8-12, 2017

Module II   –    September 11-15, 2017

Admission to the program will be on a competitive basis through an application process


Cost: Current funding is being sought through partnerships between TFMA and private entities

Qualifications and Prerequisites: Applicant must:

  • Hold certification as a fire inspector, fire investigator, or public educator.


    1. (Acceptable Certifications include those through TCFP, IFSAC, Pro Board, SFFMA, ICC, or NFPA)
  • Have a current appointment as a fire marshal or receive waiver granted by the TFMA FMPQ program committee.
  • Have completed TCOLE Course 3737 or TCFP Fire Officer I and Fire Officer II, or hold a bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, or other approved field of study.




“We are thrilled for this opportunity to partner with SHSU and LEMIT in the development and delivery of this course for fire marshals. It addresses a need for executive management training for fire marshals across Texas and the nation and we are excited to have a part in the first program in the United States to do that.” – Laurie L. Christensen, TFMA President

“With its long-standing commitment to providing exceptional management and leadership development, LEMIT is pleased to extend this tremendous opportunity to fire service personnel. This training will provide participants with the necessary tools to inspire excellence in leadership and enhance the effective delivery of services to the communities they serve.” – Dr. Rita J. Watkins, LEMIT Executive Director