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NFPA20 basic questions

Question asked by cheongki.jeong on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by cheongki.jeong

Hello folks.


During the online training of NFPA20, I encountered a difficulty of understanding. I believe it is very simple, but I would like to make it sure that I understand correctly since it is very important to begin.


In the class, it is said " Section A.6.2 explains that the actual pump performance may fall anywhere within these parameters. For example, the actual performance of a pump design may have a shutoff pressure that is 110% of the rated pressure and a pressure that is 80% of the rated pressure at overload."


Q1. I wonder if this explanation means that all the listed pump will fall anywhere within the yellow area. As I don't understand the definition of overload here, I am not sure if I understood correctly or not.


Q2. What is the definition of Overload here? I feel it is flow rate but I am not sure the range of overload. Any flow rate more than the rated flow and less than 150% is defined as overload?


Q3. For NFPA20, Jockey pump's performance must also follow the pump performance limit like above?


I am looking forward to your clear explanation for rookie like me.

Thank you.