PV Solar connection to AC Generator Transfer SW

Discussion created by wbculleysr on Jan 14, 2017

I am inspecting a PV system protected by  40 amp fuses at the AC Disconnect for the PV system.

The AC system has a 20 KW Generac Generator serving the hole home. The transfer sw is the main

AC disconnect and the old main panel is now a sub panel. The PV installer used listed insulated connectors

to attach the PV Conductors to line side of the transfer SW above the main breaker. The Utility wanted a 40 amp 2 pole 

breaker at the opposite end of the main panel as wold normally be done.Cant do this in the transfer SW (Main Disconnect). PV installer says their inverter would be damaged if backfed from a generator. I think the way its done is OK. The AC disconnect for the PV system is only about 24 inches from the Generator transfer sw. Any help would be appreciated.   wbculleysr@frontier.com