Effects of Panel Inertia NFPA 68 std.

Discussion created by enriquezuniga2011 on Jan 18, 2017

Hi there:

I have a problem to calculate the Av3 area of dust collector vents due to the effects of inertia using NFPA 68 standard. In equation 8.2.8 of NFPA 68 2007 ed., variables V and Pred multiply to The mass of the vent panel (M ^ 0.6). In contrast, in equation 8.2.7 of NFPA 68 2013 ed.,variables V and Pred divide the mass of the vent panel (see image). Do any of you know the actual correct equation to calculate Av3? I tried to solve this problem in the NFPA, but they require me to pay the annual membership before studying my question, which seems to me somewhat unfair, since the standards I have were purchased from the NFPA. Thank you very much for attending this request.

Enrique Zuniga, P.E.



Effects of Panel Inertia - NFPA 68 2007 and 2013 ed.