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Difference between NFPA 70 and NFPA 70E

Question asked by on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Steve Benton

The NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 2017 edition Article 110.16 (A) General states placing a "warning" label (to me this means a generic label with no calculations) on equipment that likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized.   

and 110.16(B) state Service equipment 1200amps or more require; Voltage, Available fault current, Clearing times, Date to be placed on the label.


However,  I don't see where NFPA 70-E 2015 edition states a specific voltage or current just that an arc flash risk assessment (Article130.5) must be done and article 130.6(D) states the required info to be on the label.


My question is I'm I reading this wrong or does NFPA 70 the NEC have different requirements than NFPA 70-E?