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K14 ESFR Sprinklers

Question asked by on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2017 by psmith

I am working on an existing Spec Warehouse built in 2004 using K14 ESFR sprinklers designed at 75 PSI.

Building is 37'-6" to top of steel at high point.

Based on NFPA-13, 2002 Edition (code in place at time of construction) Tables and, K14 ESFR sprinklers were approved for 35' storage in 40' without the need for rack sprinklers.


Building codes now in place require compliance with NFPA-13, 2013 Edition.

Based on Tables 14.4.1, 15.4.1,,, and, K14 ESFR sprinklers are no longer permitted in buildings in excess of 35'.


Does this mean the sprinkler heads have lost their listing for buildings in excess of 35'?

Is it our responsibility to inform the tenant, owner and any code official that the building is non-compliant?