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In code 1071 can the AHJ deem a technician qualified to work on fire trucks if the technician does not posess an ASE cert or EVT cert?

Question asked by on Jan 26, 2017

I am a supervisor over a heavy equipment shop on a government installation, this shop has been supporting the fire department for the past four decades. Two weeks ago the AHJ said our technicians are not EVT certified and under code 1071 we can no longer perform maintenance or repairs on their trucks. At the moment all maintenance has ceased, the fire department does not have a contract with any shop utilizing certified EVT personnel, new work orders are written and released to my shop on a daily basis, but I'm prevented from taking action on them. I'm concerned about the position the fire department is in now, and the personnel that require an emergency response. I have read the code, I believe the code gives the AHJ the latitude to deem a technician qualified based on skill level, experience and training, although he said my interpretation is incorrect. has anyone run into a situation like this?