FDC Ball Drip - 45 degree install?

Discussion created by dunnritefire on Jan 28, 2017
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Hello folks,  So glad I found this site... I am dealing with several sites (Southern Ontario) where the ball drip is installed to meet NFPA 13 sprinkler and some are NFPA 14 standpipe FDC's.  These have been reported as deficiencies because they are not on 45 degree angle but I cannot find anything that addresses the orientation - vertical, horizontal or otherwise in 13 or 14 or the annex's.  The spaces are heated and the piping is not trapped so I am thinking the simple solution is to pull them out and plug the opening since most of them are not piped to a drain or outside thru the wall anyway.  Is this actually a deficiency in some other code or perhaps just an old-school trend?  Any other ideas?