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we have in our town an outdoor brick oven used by a restaurant for cooking...neighbors complain of smokebut owner insists temp is high enough to result in very little smoke...Fire Code termination requirements depend on low, medium or high heat in cooking

Question asked by damassimi on Jan 31, 2017
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the outdoor oven was built by restaurant owner, who assures us he did his research and built a "great oven" is layered fire brick, insulation, and cement covered with curved pieces of steel...the "chimney" is 3 lengths of clay flue liner...the neighbors claim the oven produces so much smoke that they cannot open windows even in the heat of summer...we recognize the smoke is a health hazard, but before we insist that owner extend chimney or completely "cease and desist", we need to determine which category operating temperature is in...low,medium, or high-heat (section 2113 of ICC Building Code) idea where to look for this  information.