Cistern for ONE house

Discussion created by webuild4u on Jan 28, 2017
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So the local FD chief wants me to place a cistern for the third house lot because the subdivision Regs state more than two lots require a cistern (this 3rd lot will be the last house lot). This is not a new subdivision; this is on an existing road! However they are considering this a subdivision so we went to the planning board ...they see no issue with it but he will not budge.  He is insisting on this cistern. Some facts: 300' from the lot is a 100 acre pond that is 15' off the road with easy entry to gain water. There is a commercial cistern 2000' from the property. I don't think the town has used any of the cisterns for years but he wants another one. We have offered to make the third and final house sprinkled but he says the other two are not...what does that have to do with the third house? His answer is they are not protected! So if my house (1 of the other 2) burn I guess he will not put it out??? Does anyone know what the minimum size cistern is for one house? I cannot look up this answer without buying the whole NFPA publication standard 1231 appendix B. Trying desperately not to get a lawyer involved might be cheaper to install a one house cistern!