What is a wet location?

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NEC 70 2011 requires GFCI protection for personnel (other than dwelling unit)
210.8(B)(6) in indoor wet locations

What is considered a wet location?
Bathroom, yes.
Commercial kitchen dish washing area, yes.
What about a living room with an aquarium?
What about a room with a 5 gallon water dispenser?
Water heater closet?
Room with water softener?
A counter with plumbed juice, soda, coffee, and or ice dispenser?

Food preparation area without water?

Outlet that powers a garbage disposal?

Fire sprinkler riser room?

Standing "regular/full" sized refridgerator 3 feet from a sink with the outlet behind the fridge? 

This would be applied to a based on (NFPA 101 2012 Chapter 19 Existing) Nursing Home.