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Egress for Side yards, New Construction

Question asked by on Feb 3, 2017

We build new single family residential homes. It is common in our city to install the air conditioning condenser unit on the side of the home. This condenser unit is between 36 and 42 inches wide. It is common for there to be a gate to the backyard on both sides of the home. Our local building inspector has stopped issuing building permits because he says the NFAP does not allow an AC condenser or any other obstruction to be on the side yard of a home. The distance from the home to the side wall is 6 feet, so the condenser takes up about half of that space. Is there an egress code of the NFAP that establishes the proper width required for egress for the sideyard of new residential construction? Or, in Las Vegas, we used to only have access to the backyard on one side of the home, which was the side of the home that did NOT have the AC condenser unit on it. Does the NFAP code require access to the backyard from both sides of the home, or can we wall off the side that has the condenser unit?


Thank you