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C14 to 2 x C13 , Splitter cable or Y cable - NFPA and NEC question

Question asked by on Feb 7, 2017

There is a situation in Data center, within a cabinet/rack where i have to use standard C14 to 2 x C13 power cord [IEC320] Telecom or IT servers. These are available as standard components sold by various cable manufacturing vendors.

for example:

Computer Power Cord - Y cable | 1x C14 | 2x C13 | 

Tripp Lite 6ft Power Extension Splitter Cable 10A 100-250V C14 to 2x C13 6' - P004-006-2C13 - Power and Y Splitter Cable… 


In my case:

- The C14 side is has breaker protection.

- The 2 X C13 powers 2 separate computer power supply which has its own fuse.

- Each C13 would maximum consume 2.5A, which makes the sum total on the C14 to be 5A. The normal rating is 10A.

- imho, this is Not an "extension cable".


My question(s):

- Could someone help me find the appropriate NFPA for such a splitter power cord ? 

- Is there any NFPA clause that would prohibit me from using such splitter power cord ?