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Nema 4X or Nema 7 Enclosure?

Question asked by alcor on Feb 13, 2017

We're building turbine generators within a confined space, We're categorized in Class 1 Div 2 Scope. However, our turbine generators come with multiple fail-safe components, and our controls are designed to alarm and trip the turbine before any possible eruption can occur. We have Natural gas present within the system (running thru sched. 80 piping) and there is a possibility of ignition within the environment.  We've read that some Nema 4X enclosures are usable in Class 1 Div 2, but Nema 7 enclosures are more heavy duty and prevent combustion within the container. 


Question: Can we get away with using a Nema 4x enclosure if the likely hood of combustion is minuet, or are Nema 7 enclosures demanded?

Hopefully this is clear enough to understand, any feedback would be amazing.

Thank you!