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Sprinklers for Fruit and Vegetable fresk produce market.

Question asked by johan.dsb on Feb 13, 2017

Roof dome 12m-24m high at crown floor 30000m2, we plan to do normal sprinklers in cold rooms area 9m high15 000m2 with structures, open floor trading area stacking 2-3m high propose only mechanical smoke extraction on roof and intumecent paint on steel structure since temperature modellled at 24 meters with full ventilation. Local fire chief require sprinklers for all  must create structure 9m hight between columns 66x30 meters apart but then need to activate sprinklers with local temperature  domes, or deluge with fire sensors/ radar sensore per subsone since smoke ventilated high roof will be very difficult to activate sprinklers. Sprinklers at roof level average 20m above floor will not activate fast enough and not be effective with mechanical smoke ventilation, accept if deluge is used with radar sensors, but extremely high cost solution for a low cost business of fresh produce market trading? 

Most fruit makets in our country only sprinkler protected in storage area and fire hose reels and fire hydrants and hoses in open areas any comments or similar experiences. Given enough money and time all is possible but we are pursuing fire safety first but as affordable as possible.#