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NFPA-14 7.4“Separate standpipes shall be provided in each required exit stairway “

Question asked by manojs_r22 on Feb 16, 2017



We are having query raised by our project consultant on the requirements of  “Separate standpipes shall be provided in each required exit stairway “ as per below reference.


NFPA-14 ( 2013 Edition)


7.4 Number of Standpipes. Separate standpipes shall be provided in each required exit stairway.


The Building is a ground plus five-story ancillary building having maximum floor area approximately 2677 m2 and the nominal building height is 23.65 meters having three horizontal exits up to 3rd floor.


The buildings are fully sprinklered having an automatic wet comibined sprinkler standpipe system in accordance with NFPA 14 Section The standpipes consisting of vertical single combined wet Riser located within the 2-hour rated shaft construction and Horizontal standpipes having separate firefighting hose outlets ( Class-III) in each stairs in accordance with local requirements. Combined standpipe riser is interconnected at the ground level in sprinkler plant room in accordance with NFPA 14 requirements.


Also, we refer to NFPA 14 2010 Edition , that defines standpipes in section 3.3.11 and for Horizontal Standpipe:


“ The Horizontal Portion of the system piping that delivers the water supply for two or more hose connections, and for sprinklers on combined system, on a single level”


The design of the standpipe within these buildings are in compliance with the above definition of horizontal standpipes. Furthermore; in accordance to section, NFPA 14 does not require standpipes to be protected from fire in a fully sprinklered building as in these building cases, abstract below for easy reference:


“In buildings equipped with an approved automatic sprinkler system, feed mains and branch line supplying 2 ½ inch hose connections shall not be required to be protected”


In accordance to section 7.4 of NFPA 14, separate standpipe shall be provide in each required exit stairway, this has been achieved for each staircase via individual horizontal standpipe arrangement within a fully sprinklered building areas.


The distribution of fire water is provided by the ring main from main fire pump utility which provides sufficient pressure at one inlet point to the building wet combined riser system and to fire hydrants outside the buildings.


Requesting your technical view on our proposed standpipe arrangement in accordance with NFPA-14 requirements.


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Manoj Raut