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Generator window clearance and NFPA 37 requirements

Question asked by rtorrance on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by brian.baughman

NFPA 37 requires that gas engines and there enclosures be at least 5 feet from a window or door and 5 feet from a combustible wall. There is an exception for enclosures that are non combustible and tested to contain a fire. The exception allows enclosures closer under the conditions listed, but is the separation distance exception for the combustible wall or the window or both? I have a NG generator that the case is tested and is mounted 18" from a combustible wall and a window. The exhaust out let is on the end away from the window and is slightly more than 5 from the window. Any opinions on whether this is code compliant. The manufacturer says the installation shall be in accordance with local codes and NFPA 37