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Fire Apparatus Safety Striping Question/Issue - When does it need to be done.

Question asked by thjart on Feb 21, 2017
I work for a company that provides lettering and graphics for fire apparatus.
Some fire department representatives are telling us that they are being told that safety striping for the sides of the trucks must be done in the factory according to NFPA.
We know this cannot possibly be true, since just in the past few months, a couple of fire departments had us do the striping for them. Even one vendor said what other vendors are saying is not true (this vendor told us the manufacturer they represented no longer wants to do any lettering or graphics in the factory anymore).  
I found where it states about the striping in the NFPA Guidebook (15.9.3), but no where does it say where or when it must be done. Can you assist us so we can make sure we are advising our customers properly?
Plus, if the factory is giving false information, who is to say they are not overcharging because customers are believing what they are being told?