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ESFR Sprinklers and Dry System

Question asked by seb.nowak0 on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by rhuggins

Good morning all,


I have a project of expanding warehouse, where sprinklers system need to be installed. Sprinklers will be installed in warehouse with no heating system, temperature in winter can fall below -15C, storage height 12 meter, stored are aluminum cans on wooden/plastic pallets, separated with paper/plastic sheet and wrapped with foil, from analysis Group A Plastic. Pallets are stored one over another near each other.


Designer claim that according to NFPA 13 it needed to use ESFR sprinklers because of storage height 12 meter and it need to be wet system because there is no dry sprinklers ESFR.


I checked and I know that there are ESFR sprinklers certified for Dry System.


Could someone confirm that I am right and not miss anything and it is possible to install in 12 meter storage height ESFR dry sprinkler system?


Best regards