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Plastics Sheet Distribution storage code compliance help

Question asked by pbarrett on Feb 21, 2017

As a plastics distribution professional, my company periodically expands into new markets or leases new space that we are always having to update the existing wet system to accommodate our Group A Plastics, exposed, not cartoned, on wooden pallets. I am looking for a concise set of rules to help us determine whether or not ESFR or In-Rack sprinklers are required for our typical storage configuration. Our typical storage configuration is in metal racks, double racks, palletized in 48" x 96" pallets, placed two 48" widths into a 108" rack bin space above 12' (typically 13-15 foot) in warehouses with 20-28' ceilings. Can someone provide me with the sprinkler requirements for this storage configuration and commodity?