Does NFPA 820 apply to boiler rooms in wastewater plants

Discussion created by gbogatyrevich on Feb 23, 2017

We are doing electrical classification evaluation on the wastewater treatment plant. We are following NFPA 820 recommendations. I have a question about a Boiler room on this plant with dual fuel boilers working on natural gas and biogas. Per Table 9.1.4, the Boiler room falls under 3.a "Aboveground spaces such as equipment rooms with equipment using or processing flammable gas". And as such, requires 12 AC/h flow rate to be Div. 2 or <12 AC/h for Div. 1. Could you, please, clarify if this is a correct approach, or another NFPA shall be used. If we classify this boiler room, why boiler rooms on other industrial and commercial sides are not classified? It seems to me that we are using wrong NFPA for the Boiler room evaluation. Please advise