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NFPA 130 and protection of feeders serving emergency egress lighting

Question asked by sblack on Feb 23, 2017

NFPA 130 requires that conductors serving emergency egress lighting be protected.  I have a situation where I have pole light fixtures in an open air train station platform that are to be on standby power for egress lighting purposes.  My question is: once the conductors and conduit enter the base of the pole fixture from below, do we need to have the conductors inside of a conduit also within the light pole itself.  Is the pole considered part of the light fixture (therefore no conduit required inside of the pole) or is the pole considered a raceway?  If the pole is a raceway, it would not meet NFPA 130 on its own, therefore a conduit would be needed inside of the pole which presents installation problems.  Thank you.