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Question on the requirements of NEC 250.25 (B)

Question asked by on Feb 28, 2017
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Requirements of NEC 250.24 (B) Main Bonding Jumper


By the wording of the 250.24 (B) in the last sentence where it states "within the enclosure for each service disconnect", I have always understood that we MUST make our neutral/ground bonding within the disconnecting means enclosure.

The situation at hand is a metal service raceway with no main disconnect, and five utility meters and service disconnects on the wireway. The local AHJ is stating that we MUST make the bond in the raceway, and he will only allow the four conductors to pass thru meter to the disconnect switch. From there we will make an additional neutral/ground bond, and take out to the tenant the four wires plus our ground.


I have always understood that we should have the three phase conductors, plus the neutral and ground in the wireway, then drop out of the wireway with the phase and neutral conductors, plus a ground bond sized as per table 250.66 for the service conductors, and make the bond to the neutral in the disconnect switches. He will not allow the ground wire and says 250.24 (B) requires the bond in the wireway.